At Depot Bloc we have everything you need to prepare your landscape, lawn and garden for a perfect summer !!!

  • Black soil – Sod – Gravel – Sand
  • 3 varieties of quality soil (loose or bagged)
  • Quality Premium Grass Plate – Fresh cut every day!
  • Large choice of mulch (loose or bagged)
  • Decorative gravel

Prepare your yard for Spring

Spring is on our doorstep and it’s time to get out all the paraphernalia to prepare prepare your yard. But there are some basic rules to observe if you want to enjoy your surroundings throughout the summer.

Trees and shrubs

You’ve installed winter protection on your trees and shrubs. It is now time to remove them, even if the risk of freezing is still present. Imagine yourself stuck in your baby pajamas while you measure two, three, four feet. That would be uncomfortable, would not it? It’s the same for your trees.

Winter protection should be removed before swelling of the first buds. These, which appear in the fall, will need all the space to flourish. It must be carefully removed to avoid damaging them, because it is these buds that will ensure abundant and / or decorative foliage.

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