Depot-Bloc offers a wide range of high quality landscaping materials from all major brands. We sell a wide selection of different paver styles, retaining walls, patio slabs, steps and counter-steps, natural flagstone etc …Everything needed according to your tastes and more importantly your budget.

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Come see our huge selection of landscaping products at our store situated in Vimont, Laval. Our goal is helping you find what is needed for your outdoor landscaping project, big or small.

Rinox’s vast line of landscaping products enables people to create the landscaping project they dream of. Rinox specializes in pavers, tiles, and wallstones, with the most vibrant colors in the industry.

Laval Briques & Pierres is the depositary of the biggest brands of concrete products for masonry and decorative stones covering Laval and surrounding area.
Whether for economic or luxurious stone brick, we are able to meet any of your needs for the exterior cladding of your future projects, residential or commercial, to your taste and also your budget.

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Laval Briques & Pierres, has everything to beautify the exterior and interior of your home.


Ready to satisfy the most demanding architectural projects, ARTEK STONE manufactures the most diverse styles of decorative stones and bricks to choose from.


An investment in pavers adds character and value to a home. However, the erosion of joint sand and the appearance of weeds and ants can quickly create an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful outdoor space.

  • It resists erosion caused by sweeping, wind, rain, and even pressure washing.
  • It also inhibits weed growth and resists insect infestation, leaving pavers clean at all times.
  • After developing the first polymeric sand for paver joints in 1998, Techniseal has continued to develop increasingly efficient formulas, including the most advanced in the world: RG+ and HP2.
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Rugged or refined, durable and great looking – Triple H Concrete Products is the answer. Looking for an old world look? Modern linear look? We’ve got a great variety of sizes, shapes and colours that will complement your home or business. Browse our site, find your perfect paver, then contact one of our dealers.

Patio Drummond designs and manufactures a variety of landscaping concrete products such as slabs, pavers, retainer walls, steps, curbs, outdoor fireplaces and more. Discover our wide range of products and create the landscape project you’ve always dreamed of.

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ACO Self is a range of building products specifically designed for the residential landscaper and do-it-yourself enthusiast. The products offer the same quality and design excellence as ACO’s commercial products but are designed to meet the demands and budget of the residential customer.

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Best Way Stone is about endurance: products that last, styles that last, and as a family-owned and operated business since 1965, we want our relationships to last, too. That’s why we continue to craft our stone locally & independently.

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Propane is extracted from natural gas and gas refineries. It comes in an odorless form, without color and non toxic. An odor is added as to be recognizable. Propane is maintained under pressure in a highly concentrated liquid form of gas. As such, it is easily transportable with a high level of energy. This represents a flexible and economical form of energy.

It is used in homes, campsites, restaurants, construction sites and in agricultural and industrial environments. It also fuels many vehicles across the country.



Manderley Less Water is Canada’s first qualified drought-tolerant natural grass sod. Grown using only cultivars that have exceeded the stringent standards for drought tolerance set by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA), Manderley Less Water Sod offers all of the same benefits as Manderley Premium Sod, but with a significantly reduced watering requirement.